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you can now pick-up copies of DAYGLOAYHOLE issue 1 at Bergen Street Comics in Brooklyn, New York and soon at Quimby's in Chicago.
I made a google map of places that are carrying my books, I though maybe it'd be easier than just having a list, and moar high tech right!? (…)

If ya wanna a copy and don't live in a town carrying it you can buy a copy directly from me.
I've still got a couple of copies of issue 0 in my shop, so you know....get at those if you wanna.
Also you can PM me if you want your shoppe or indie distro to carry my books.
sigh, okay no more shameless self-promotion.
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*UPDATE! I'll be at The Mint Gallery on the 16th at 6pm. I'll have boxed wine and Zapps for you!*
Hey ya'll I'm a super space cadet (fuck that, I'd never join the army. It's the flat feet you see.), and I only now realized that I needed to update the tour dates and announce some stuff. So the buggy is that I'm not gonna be able to roll through Texas (Austin and Houston specifically), I tried I really did. The problem is my waining punk street cred and the hard fact that comics don't seem much like a crowd draw. I guess I can't argue with that.

Atlanta was also a bust, but it's not for lack of leaving my year's quota of awkward phone messages.

Here is the final, 100% non-changing tour schedule. If I end up having an impromptu show or something I'll post it on here, but between The Hobbit (don't you dare judge me.) and finding all those pralines I buried in Savannah's numerous parks, it seems sorta unlikely.

Dec.12th-New Orleans,LA7:30pmFairgrinds (yo this'll be Luka and my book release, and we'll have a bunch over other authors and a space bag, so come!)

Dec.14th-Pensacola,FL7pm Open Books (we're gonna hang at the Food Not Bombs and hour before up the road and you should too!)

Dec.15th-Athens,GA@6pmFlicker theatre

Dec.17th-Savannah,GA8PM The Sentient Bean (This is my old hometown, I may crawl into a bottle and stay there.)

Dec18th-Chapel Hill,NC7pm Internationalist Books

Dec19-Boone,NC (the dang town all day, new kid din this is the only date I'm sketchy on and )

Dec 20th-Asheville,NC7:30 Firestorm Cafe and Books

Dec21st-Memphis, TNjava Cabana

Hey ya'll iffen you'd like a copy of DAYGLOAYHOLE: IT'S ALL OVER!, you can on the internet. WOWEE ZOWEE! And just in time for that day when I hole-up in a basement with Zapps chips and Wonder Years queued up for a day of pure grumpy anti-holiday lounging.…
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Peeps in Lafayette! Come out today (Dec 9th) 8pm to the Cites des Arts to see Myself, Elwin Cotman, and Luka Miro perform poetry, fiction, and comics!
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So as you know I'm going on a book reading tour with two other crazy folks (raging sci-fi luminary Elwin Cotman and somber poet of mystery Luka Miro) and my flashy full-color first is of DAYGLOAYHOLE!!! I sold enough hot car stereos to pay for printing but I could use some cash to help with travel. The team of rabid nutria aren't going to feed themselves, well I guess I should say that they'll eat me if I don't shove pork sausage down their throats every half-hour (INNUENDO!!!). So I'm spanging the internetz! If you can spare some extra cash and love me deeply our just want some hot-ass premiums for donating (listen to me sounding all technical, there goes that very last thread of punknezz!) holler at our kickstarter(!
Also, you should let me know if you wanna a copy of DAYGLOAYHOLE Issuer one: IT'S ALL OVER!
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In the past writer's of comics have have deemed pet names to there fans large and small. Many times I've considered what to call the readers of DAYGLOAYHOLE. Often I lead my messages with" folks" or "friends," and while this type of familiar language would be the linguistic equivalent to rimming in the lexicon of Western Massachusetts residents (my homeland), it fails to convey my specific affection for the sacred ones patient enough to read my florescent scrawlings. I think we all play the "what do you call a group of ______?" game. A group of bikers is a peliton. A gaggle a, group of geese not in flight. A murder is a group of flying crows (also what I use to refer to a group of cops, in flight or just waddling around.).
Stan Lee referred to the fans of Marvels once sinking crew of titles as "true-believers" and it's sort of a near perfect term. "True-believers" expresses almost in total a cartoonists feelings toward the people that read their work and enjoy it. Like many things made by Stan Lee, Alt. types making snarky indie comics have used his term of endearment ironically ,and as a man resting well in the pocket of the snarky, alienated, disingenuous comic stereotype, I have often been tempted to call you "true-believers." The phrase is over used though, just like everything Stan "The Man" Lee has done. Can he just stop being in movie cameos, I just expect it now. In 20 years I bet we'll see his dead body being puppet by string waving to the camera and throwing thumbs up to Spiderman, The Fantastic Four, or (please oh please) the team of black hate that is Venom and Ghost rider.
So now I'm left to think of something original, which is a mine field for me. Since "AHOLE" is in the title my first thoughts for group names are all rectal. I'm googling for what a group of assholes is, I assume it's another word to be used for cops. So I guess I'm looking for suggestions, and until I figure out something that matches my level of affection I will continue refer to ya'll as friends.
This whole caffeine fueled diatribe was originally supposed to be a short blurb about two things. The first this is about DAYGLOAYHOLE fan art. If you wanna be put up on the ol DAYGLO tumblr while I'm working in Austin, TX (Oct.29 to Nov. 7th) it'd be great if you could send me what you got as a JPG by 27th to So far I've gotten some amazing stuff and I'm totes stoked to share it with ya'll. Comics, and other art will go in the first DAYGLOAYHOLE book coming out December 9th. If you can't make the 27th I'll still post any fan art and put it in the book if you send it before Nov. 15th.
The second thing is that I'm booking a southern area book tour!!! With me will be sci-fi writer Elwin Cotman and poet Luka Miro. We're still figuring out the dates, but we have a pretty good list of the cities we want to go to. New Orleans (duh) (Event date is TBA)
Lafayette, LA (Dec. 9th)
Baton Rouge, LA
Houston, TX
Memphis, TN (TBA)
Nashville, TN
Jackson, TN
Pensacola, FL
Jacksonville, FL
Savannah, GA (TBA)
Atlanta, GA
Athens,GA (TBA)
Charleston, SC
Ashville,NC(Dec. 20th)
Boone,NC (Dec. 18th)
Chapel Hill,NC (Dec. 18th)
If we're passing through your town and you wanna help us set-up a space to read at, that would be AMAZING!
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From the bunker of Ben "Serious Pants" Passmore aka UNDERNATION, aka "Classy Wary."
So a couple times a year I scuttle over to texas and haul garbage and drunk/high/oversexed/given-the-mistaken-impressi on-they're-unique-and-important-to-universe hipsters for about a week. So I won't be posting things here after Oct. 29th until mid November or at my DAYGLOAYHOLE tumblr ( for a bit since I'll either be working at the wee hours or sleeping behind dodgy sound equipment. SOOOOO0000ooooo, I was thinking that maybe if any of you fine folks wanted to make a fan comic, picture, ect. of DAYGLOAYHOLE I'd post it whilst I was away and put it in the first official, no-shit, IN COLOR(whaaaa!?) DAYGLOAYHOLE ISSUE ONE that might be coming out in December.
PM if you wanna do it to it, or email me at
PS, I might be going on tour around the south in December with DAYGLOAYHOLE, more on that later!
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I'm a member of a loose collective that produces a paper called the Raging Pelican. The Raging Pelican is a free (and advertisement-free!) newspaper started by a group of New Orleanians in the aftermath of the BP oil disaster. The Pelican exists to elevate the voices of those affected, report on resistance, and bring to bear for the broadest possible audience various & diverse local antiauthoritarian, anticapitalist or even just fiercely regionalist perspectives on issues affecting the Gulf Coast. It's full of beautiful art and dangerous ideas. We published and distributed the first three issues out-of-pocket, but now we're using a slightly gross online fundraiser, "Kickstarter," to try and raise money for three more.…

You can learn more about the Pelican by visiting, where you can read articles or download entire issues in PDF format.

I know folks are strapped for cash. We'd never have started this thing if we thought everything was tops! My hope is that you like the paper as much as I do, but if failing that you love me enough to be pressured by my pleading to share our kickstarter on ya'lls page and help us raise some of that evil capital.

If we don't raise the cash it won't matter, we like the project enough to keep going. We just want to put more our more often.

Thanks folks for your help!
May the road rise to meet you and all you're coffees be bought by lovely people out of your league.
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On a non-art related note, I play music sometimes!!! If you interested/ looking for a reason to jeer at me. you can listen to my tunes on Bandcamp ( or grainy videos of me in the toilet on youtube (
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So it's been a bit since I posted anything, in large part because I've spent a bit of time crying over a blank piece of bristol board. No I'm kidding, I'm just in the woods building a sod hut and collecting packets of tuna in preparation for New Years. See you on the other side.
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Here's an interview I did about my comics and junk.…
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Hey hey hey

I just printed a new addition of the Gospel of Tug Benson in full color.
You can buy copies at my etsy site ( ), as well as posters, Book 2, and a DAYGLOAYHOLE mini-comic.

check check check it out!
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Money is tight at the BK compound and we're internetless and mobile phoneless until I get some money to pay the peak of bills mocking me from the top of the ice box. I'm currently siphoning internets at my local lookhowhealthyandorganicourfoodisit'ssureworthblowingaweeksworthofcashonadrymuffinandblack coffee shop. At first we lamented our plight, shuffling through the same DVDs we bought in college (We've got you're keg fueled romps, your comic turned movie flops, and odd korean drama.) and then thumbing through the scratchy radio stations, and finally cracking up that book behind the toilet. Not to be reduced to reading, I dug in my heels and did comics. To my surprise I get a lot done when I'm not googling myself or playing city siege on Newgrounds (plug?). I wrote two new comic book scripts, one in the spirit of the movie Dreams, and another a vaguely funny about a hipster and a flood. Drew three comic pages for tug and redid the chapter synopsis for the three last chapters of the book. I even dusted off the uke and wrote 1 and half new songs. So the poverty has been very good to me. Take that bootstraps. Now if only I could get motivated enough to start all that "real" work. OOP, internet's back on, back to siegen.
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I've probably made this remark before, but I only recently noticed how metal Albrecht Durer was, hell is. I bet he's somewhere drinking blood and punching out animals covered in wings and eyes. Any interested party should look up his series of illustrations for the stages in Revelations. I know what you going to say, " You'd have to put everybody in pink bear suits and candy to even begin to unmetal Revelations." Trust me.

On a different note, over the last several years I've only had awkward interactions with Peter Kuper. It's a real bummer, his mini comic called Richie Bush was a real cosmic meatball for me.

New DAYGLOAYHOLE pages on my blog. I'd post them here, but you know, banana mush.
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I'm still swooning from Mardi Gras. The months long rager that sweeps my home town often spins me up in a technicolored tendril of puke stained punk drama, feel good float bound demi-gods, open fires, bashing brass, and spinning lights. We call it carnival season and it lasts for 8 months out of the year. As in most places our city's elite are sweeping up the scenery around their condo windows and performance vehicles. New Orleans is know for it's squalor with a swagger, it's brash liveliness in the face of Columbia's murder rate, all consuming pollution, bloodied police, food shortage, and oppressive climate. Those things, among some others, are what mold the city. Things are terrible, let's dance. The sight is messy and scary, particularly for those who believe we all should live in a suburban state of well scrubbed passivity. So some have been ratcheting up with regulations, ordinances, and all kinds of authoritarian douche-baggery, while others place temples dedicated to the gods Organic, Yoga, Sustainability, Improvement, and the rest of the progressive pantheon. Despite what you've heard it's not helping.

    Why? Who do you think the neighborhoods being improved for? Let's be honest, black people are not going to you're hot yoga session, they're not eating your vegan edibles, or paying 6 bucks for a tomato. If you put that in my neighborhood it ups my rent and I'll have to move. And people are moving in droves, tired of being patted down on their own block, tired of being ignored by their brand-new neighbors, and definitely tired of having nowhere to buy food that they can afford. Not to mention the schools. Oh don't me started on the charter schools! The previous residents are replaced by hundreds of Portland, Miami, Brooklyn, Tampa Bay, Austin, Mobile transplants. NOLA is looking less like my love and more like Greenpoint everyday. If you guys like Greenpoint, you should stay there. I hear the weathers nice.

    Sorry for all this poison, it's just that I'm worn out from explaining that people are trying to rout-out the spirit of a city they can't begin to understand. More specifically I'm worn out from one of the worse Mardi Gras I've ever seen.

  For around 8yrs now Krewe of Eris marches from the Oliver Yard tracks to the French Quarter, it's rowdy, beautiful, scary, and everything I love about New Orleans. It is also non-permitted, like teams of other Krewes in this town. Normally the Krewe marches around to the tune of humming brass and ends at a little dive in the 9th. Some people dance on a car or two. The police show up to help guide us back to our neighborhood, but generally keep a healthy distance. For whatever reason, this year was different. Maybe it was that our Krewe had swollen to 300 people. Maybe it was that we lingered too long in the FQ. Maybe it's that gutterpunks, anarchists, trannys, artists, musicians, which organize and fill the parade, have been increasingly demonized in the local media, by the city gov, the neighborhood associations, developers (here's looking at you Pres.), and by the cops. Whatever the reason the cops decided to end our parade early by speeding through the center of 300 people, some of them children, at 30mph, tazer and pummel anyone with instruments, and pepper-spray and arrest anyone filming. One of my friends were tazered three times while simply running away. Another, who is 100lbs wet, was shocked in the heart, which threw him into convolutions. Another's cheek bone was broken, his head split, and shocked until he pissed himself, for what most agree was playing a clarinet. A cop snapped the clarinet in half with his bare hands by the way. In all twelve were arrested and many were injured. Everyone involved came out feeling disgusted, save one cop who broke his hand on a parader's face. He happily remarked that he would get some time off.

    I was there the whole time. Later I worked with some others to bail all twelve out and get them some legal and medical help.
Much later someone asked why the Krewe didn't just get a permit? I think they were from Tampa....

    I get that cities change and I understand you when you say that developers want to elevate a community of poverty and rampant crime. But at night I'm more afraid of a cop busting in and beating us than some kid from the 7th ward. I hear you when you say that politicians and police have good intentions, but that's hard to comprehend when I'm watching a cop bounce my friend's face off the ground with a night stick.
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There's a lot more soft core porn on deviantart than I remember....It's distracting.

I noticed myself really venerating mid-30 to early 40 somethings lately. More specifically old punks that wear running shoes to ease there soar backs. Ride a rusty huffy to the tattoo apprentice gig that seemed really cool before their hair line started to raise. Drink light beers at pool halls. Complain about crime. Wear the same outfits they'd sport in their twenties, but modified in that they're cleaner. Own dogs with cute girl names ,and listen to Delta blues, because fuck the Cromages, you know, sell-outs....

This is largely due to the fact that I'm barreling towards that venerable pantheon of punks in retirement. Recently I've indulged in the delusion that I'll be the one that doesn't look like he won't let-it-go. We know that guy, tight jeans and PBR, moshing with 17 year olds in between back bending sessions of catching one's breath. I'm slowley realizing, however that after a day of chasing the financing dragon while watching things on your body droop and/or disappear, scrolling through pictures of your college years on the facebook, where you can't help but feel old and creepy, by the way what's up with your friend's recently 18 year old cousin hitting on you? One feels that the best recourse is to crash into the old faithful debauchery of your youth, while it's still in the periphery.
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I've been functioning on near Hunter S. Thompson hours. I watched this documentary that was talking about how he would wake up at sun down and then work until sun rise. I imagine you would turn into a pasty agoraphobe, but also a great gonzo writer.But this would never work for me, my girlfriend would still wake me up to clean the litter box or take out the trash and the spell would be broken.

I've been planning to go up to this farm in Texas where this older woman lives. She drives around in model A's and dumpsters food out of the country store's garbage. She's my hero. I'd like to live among the sage brush and cattle for a little while and reflect on the Jewish occult. I've recently been interested in the ancient occult and demonology, it's probably a slippery slop into spending nights squatting naked inside of pentagrams. Oh well, I'd get to do those Hunter S. Thompson hours though.
I've been adding a bunch o pages to Tug. There is a revised beginning and new pages of chapter 4.
So check it, check it, check it out!
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Lot's going on. Finally moved into my house in NOLA. It's paradise here, artist, tall bikes, accordions oh my! Cold as anything though, who knew pipes could freeze here? I do know, we neglected to drip our facet overnight and now we had to neglect to shower cause the water is frigid.
Anyhow, I updated my portfolio so there's all types of new work there that many may not have seen.
It's url is here:

Plus, I'm making an effort to update the old blog (yes another blog you don't want to look at!), which is here:

So keep tabs on your ol friend Ben.

Stay sexy.
I haven't posted anything for a while because I've been in a mess of busy working on a new story. It's a yard about the rise and fall of the unskilled labor movement in 1934. check it out at
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I've been thinking about common insults that take on different means in more uncommon context. For instance telling a boy in an incest colony to,"Go fuck your mother."
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